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Brand: 710 Labs

710 Labs - RSO - Jackson Heights


A phenotype of Randy Watzon that will take you to the heights of satisfaction, this sweet and satisfying strain leans Indica and delivers a tart and fruity aroma and flavor perfect for lounging on the couch after dinner. Stoney and euphoric, the body buzz will knock you back and the unfocused head high will leave your mind swimming in bliss. Jackson Heightz is great for kicking back when you have no plans except drifting into dreams while basking in the warm glow of the TV. RSO, or Rick Simpson Oil, is named after a Canadian cancer patient turned cannabis activist. RSO is sometimes referred to as a "whole plant" or "full spectrum" extract because it retains the full cannabinoid, terpene, and chlorophyll profile of the source material by using specific solvents.


RelaxedSleepyHappyCalmClear Mind

About the brand :
710 Labs

710 Labs is more than industry OGS, They're standard-setting, award-winning innovators and artists obsessed with quality, expertise, and evolving the cannabis craft. They go above and beyond to deliver the best f#!$ing product you'll ever try.

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