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Brand: Batch

Batch - Cartridge - Indica - 1g


Designed for cannasuer consumers who truly love flower and the entourage effect that comes with it. By preserving each strain’s terpenes & cannabinoids through a two stage distillation process, Batch oil is truly Full-Spectrum, providing a high that expresses each strain’s unique characteristics.



About the brand :

In developing Batch, their botanists sought to create a cannabis brand that aligns with the “cannasseur” on quality, consistency, genetics, and superior terpene profiles. They understand that the sophisticated cannabis consumer rejects mass produced, overly processed cannabis products, and favors purity and simplicity. Batch is rooted right in the heart of Denver. And Coloradan’s understand the value of a hard day at the job, and that desire to unwind after it. From the Mountains to the Valley, to their unending commitment to plant genetics, and the complex properties and life phenomena exhibited by cannabis, they put only the best into their cannabis extracts – nothing else will do.

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