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Brand: DADiRRi

Blackberry Octane Live Rosin | 1g


Premium, solventless, and broad spectrum. DADiRRi took their Bubble Hash game to the next level when launching their first dabbable product. Made in craft batches, with the highest quality material on the market, this Live ROSiN is truly the best you can get when purchasing a concentrate. A solventless, flavorful, high potency product, perfect for dabbing!



About the brand :

Dadirri means inner, deep listening and quiet, still awareness. It is a 'tuning in' experience with the specific aim to come to a deeper understanding of the beauty of nature. The Dadirri product line was created to offer top of the line products and packaging to the Colorado cannabis consumer looking for a cleaner, tastier, more premium cannabis experience. Family owned and operated business- Proud Colorado Natives!

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