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Brand: Chronic Creations

Chronic Creations - Wax - Sour Runtz


Brace yourself for an amazing flavor adventure and high with this gorgeous girl – with her potency level and mouthwatering taste, you'll be on Cloud 9 in no time at all. The high hits you with a slow burn, creeping in before finally taking hold. You'll feel lifted with a sense of euphoria that instantly pushes out any bad moods or thoughts, replacing them with pure happiness and ease. A heavy body high comes next, working its way into your limbs very slowly before suddenly taking hold, dropping you off into a powerful physical stone Concentrated cannabis products come in a wide variety of consistencies, compositions, and potencies. Cannabinoids are isolated and removed from plant material via extraction, agitation, compression, or other methods to create generally a very potent product. Concentrates have an immediate activation time and are generally used by experienced consumers.



About the brand :
Chronic Creations

Chronic Creations produces the cleanest, terpene-forward cannabis concentrates in Colorado. They are connoisseurs focused on quality and craftsmanship. The source material for all products are grown in house, from extraction to finished product, their highly skilled lab staff takes every step to give you the very best cannabis concentrate.

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