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Brand: DADiRRi

DADiRRi - Bubble Bitty - Glueball


slightly indica dominant hybrid strain (60% indica/40% sativa) created through crossing the infamous Original Glue X Snowball strains. This celebrity child brings on the hard-hitting effects of both of its parent strains, amplifying them to a whole new level of potency. You'll feel a strong and fast rush of cerebral effects almost as soon as you exhale, leaving you lifted and giggly with a heavy mental stone. As you fade further and further into unfocused bliss, your body will begin to follow suit, dropping you off the edge into a buzzing sense of sedated couch-lock. Concentrated cannabis products come in a wide variety of consistencies, compositions, and potencies. Cannabinoids are isolated and removed from plant material via extraction, agitation, compression, or other methods to create generally a very potent product. Concentrates have an immediate activation time and are generally used by experienced consumers.


CalmHappyRelaxedEnergeticClear Mind

About the brand :

Dadirri means inner, deep listening and quiet, still awareness. It is a 'tuning in' experience with the specific aim to come to a deeper understanding of the beauty of nature. The Dadirri product line was created to offer top of the line products and packaging to the Colorado cannabis consumer looking for a cleaner, tastier, more premium cannabis experience. Family owned and operated business- Proud Colorado Natives!

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