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Dialed In - Rosin Gummies - Fruit Mash - 100mg


Strap in and prepare for a fruit-filled thrill ride with the Fruit Mash batch from Bloom County. This isn’t your grandma's fruit salad! These Dragon Fruit and Fruit Punch flavored gummies will have you feeling like a creative genius after just one bite. With a terpene combo of Caryophyllene, Linalool, and Terpinolene, your senses will be doing the salsa. 72.01% THC? That's enough to give you a head-high that will have you contemplating the meaning of life. Oh, did we mention a CBG percentage of 4.98%? That's the cherry on top of this therapeutic sundae. So, grab a tin, buckle up and let your creativity fly off the charts! Cannabis infused gummies evenly dosed commonly sold in multi-packs, which makes controlling your intake easy and reliable. Because edibles are digested and absorbed by your stomach and liver, the activation is often longer than other consumption methods, taking on average 45 minutes, and sometimes up to 2 hours. It is important to start low and slow when consuming edibles so you don't over do it. Take extra caution to ensure edibles are out of the reach of children.


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About the brand :
dialed in...gummies

From the very beginning, Dialed In has always had a passion to create the very best extracts available. Terpene rich, solventless hash made from ice, water, heat and pressure – in their opinion – is the very best extract available. Their unsettling obsession and internal pursuit was translating this into an edible product, something the cannabis market lacked. Mindful in their approach, Dialed In…Gummies was created. Dialed In…Gummies are produced in small batches using a unique sous vide process and high quality ingredients derived from fruits and vegetables. Every batch is infused with a solventless rosin processed from strain specific collaborations with some of the finest cultivators in Colorado. Their process – while not simple – is essential for delivering the quality that they are beyond excited to provide.

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