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Brand: Canyon Cultivation

Lick It Lavender Lemonade Medical


Take a trip back in time. As legend has it, Queen Victoria used cannabis medicinally in the 1800s. We can imagine her enjoying this 1:1 lollipop, where we’ve brought together lavender, lemon and a measured dose of our cannabis oil coupled with CBD for a truly tasty way to relax. Lick after lick, the floral spice of lavender and the familiar sweet-and-sour essence of lemonade play off one another while delivering our perfect blend of soothing THC and CBD. Aches, pains and cluttered minds stand no chance against the sweet spot of this confection. By using measured, smart doses of THC and CBD, modern cannabis consumers can reach the sweet spot of edible enjoyment without overdoing it. Isn’t it about time you got the right amount of relief? Nutritional Facts: Calories 52, Fat Cal 0, Total Carbohydrates 12.9, Sugars 12.9 Serving Size: Serving Size: 1 piece | Servings Per Container: 1 Ingredients: Organic cane sugar, organic tapioca syrup, natural flavor, cannabis essential oil (co2), food coloring



About the brand :
Canyon Cultivation

Welcome to the home of Thc Sweet Life. Welcome to Canyon. Here, you’ll find a wildly tasty assortment of medicinal and recreational marijuana products. From the beginning, Canyon has been about quality, plain and simple. That continues now, with every drop of DropIt being the best medicinal THC. And you can rest assured that every lick of LickIt is made with only the finest gluten-free ingredients and simple, yet bold flavors. Welcome to our flavorful world, we invite you to click around and EnjoyIt .

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