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Brand: Chronic Creations

Military Chocolate Shatter | 1g


Shatter is another one of the most popular cannabis concentrates in Colorado. Customers love Chronic Creations' shatter because of how smooth and shiny it looks. The beautiful amber experience gets consumers excited even before their first taste. The taste is crisp and clear, and the smoke is smooth. The flavorful taste is secondary only to the powerful experience that follows it. Experienced connoisseurs are starting to get more selective about how they procure shatter, and Chronic Creations is leading the charge to produce a purer product.



About the brand :
Chronic Creations

Chronic Creations produces the cleanest, terpene-forward cannabis concentrates in Colorado. They are connoisseurs focused on quality and craftsmanship. The source material for all products are grown in house, from extraction to finished product, their highly skilled lab staff takes every step to give you the very best cannabis concentrate.

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