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Our #1 selling sativa- with good reason! 'Golden Goat' is the total package, and a must-try when visiting Kind Love. While it's known for its uplifting buzz, the Goat is also reported to have excellent neurological pain relieving properties. A Fragrant Combination of Lemon-Lime Soda and Herbal Freshness Lineage Originally created in Topeka Kansas by Mr. Dank, Golden Goat’s beautiful golden buds with orange-pink pistils take many of their looks from their mother, a freaky Island Sweet Skunk plant pollinated by a Hawaiian x Romulan male. Golden Goat is a heavy feeder with an average yield, but is well worth the grow to those who appreciate its versatility in use. Aroma Golden Goat was named after the miniature aluminum can recycling centers that bear the same name. The nose on this unique plant is eerily similar to the smell of soda cans and their remnants heating up in the summer time. Flavor The unique taste is a combination of lemon-lime soda syrup and herbal freshness. Potency 15-22% Effects Energetic and social, Golden Goat is an ideal strain for any kind of daytime activity. The high from Golden Goat lasts approximately 2 hours with a rapid onset of effects. A strong dose of focus at first hit will ensure that you stay active and on task. Artistic projects are enhanced by the strains uplifting and creative cerebrals. Happy and euphoric, Golden Goat will both lift your mood and keep you engaged in your surroundings. One of the best social strains, Golden Goat is a wonderful precursor to a comedy show or other activity that requires mental stimulation. The high from this strain is reminiscent of a runners high. A zip of energy makes it ideal for athletic activity and other dynamic endeavors. The strains balanced uplifting head and body high allow the user to maintain both coordination and stamina. Medical Uses Golden Goat’s elevating body high shows great promise in treating neurological pain related to injury, burn or pressure. The genetic influence of Romulan provides a dose of muscle relaxation and pain relief which, combined with the strains uplifting sativa cerebrals, effectively treats headaches and other nerve pain. A happy mental state is the byproduct of this relaxed upliftment making this one of the best strains to revitalize the mind and body and lift one out of a state of grief or depression. Energetic yet subdued, this is a great strain to combat stress, particularly in the midst of a hectic day when slowing down is not an option.



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