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Brand: Ripple

Pure Dissolvable 10-pack


Pure THC for a clear-headed high. Make anything an edible, even your favorite ranch dressing. As the O.G. fast-acting, water-soluble powder, Ripple dissolves quickly and cleanly into any food or beverage. Don’t settle for any edible when anything can be an edible. Mixes well with party guacamole, tailgate mixers, and potluck cupcakes. Sativa/Hybrid Like Effect TAC: 100mg THC: 100mg 10mg per Packet 10 Packets per Container



About the brand :

Ripple is available in three convenient and discreet formats to meet you where you are or to take with you wherever you’re going. Adventure, or a chill night on the sofa, awaits. Ripple products are the ONLY THC edibles clinically proven to be fast. In fact, they were proven to be 2X faster than the leading edible product in the country.

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