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Turbo-joint is made from 0.7g of connoisseur Kind Love flower and 0.3g of highly potent "Turbo-Kief"; this micro-encapsulated formulas lowers the overall burn temperature, resulting in a smoother, more enjoyable smoke with no mess.

Ridiculously strong.
Outstandingly smooth.
Everlastingly slow-burning.

Introducing Turbo Joint Rosin Edition: a symphony of luxury and potency. Immerse yourself in 0.7g of Kind Love curated flower harmonized with 0.3g of our highly potent Turbo Rosin Kief (microencapsulated solventless extract). Elevating the smoking experience, this infused masterpiece boasts preserved terpenes, lower burn temperatures, and unmatched smoothness. Say goodbye to harsh hits and embrace a sesh of unparalleled satisfaction with Turbo Joint Rosin Edition.

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