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EPC Membership

Kind Love is proud to offer support to patients with Extended Plant Counts at both of our retail locations!

Please send an email to stating your interest in becoming an EPC member.

Our Process

  1. Reach out to the email above and we will respond to discuss your needs.
  2. Provide us with your flower needs and confirm your eligibility for EPC membership.
  3. When approved, we will email you the contract to fill out and bring in the store.
  4. Bring signed contract & legally required EPC documentation to the store and your membership will be finalized.

It’s that easy!

Our Extended Plant Count Program & Referral Benefits for Members

Are you already a member, or becoming one? Check out our referral program!

  1. Refer a friend with an EPC limit to become a member with us
  2. That friend signs our EPC agreement and becomes a member with us
  3. That friend makes their first purchase of their full limit, then you both receive a bonus! Your bonus is dependant on your friend’s plant count
    1. Friend’s plant count is less than 1lb
      1. Your friend receives $25 off their next purchase
      2. You receive $50 on your next purchase
    2. Friend’s plant count is more than 1lb
      1. Your friend receives $50 off their next purchase
      2. You receive $100 off your next purchase

Perks of being a Kind Love Member

  • All flower is grown in-house, so not only do we control the quality of the bud, we can also pass the savings on to the patient by offering wholesale prices for our flower.
  • Fresh, weekly drops from our grow
  • Weekly emails with an updated EPC strain menu; you will also have access to a live link of the EPC menu
  • Exceptional customer service
  • Ability to request specific strains from our grow and have orders placed on a 24hr hold

EPC Pricing for Kind Love Members

  • Pricing will be based on Market Pricing and will be specific to individual batches  
  • Pricing on strains is subject to change 
  • Prices are out-the-door  
  • * Price per Pound  
  • * Price per 2oz portions listed ($)
    • 800 ($100) – Sale Strains – More common strains, high-yielders
    • 9001000 ($112.50 – $125) – Premium Strains – More common strains
    • 1100-1200 ($137.50 – $150) – Connoisseur Strains – Most sought-after strains
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