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Turbocore: Our Cannabis Infused Pre Rolls

Stick It In & Light It Up

How we Infuse Prerolls

Kind Love Proprietary Micro-Encapsulation Technology; Revolutionizing

Simply slide a TurboCore into the center of your joint/blunt to experience a whole new level of potency and effect!

Step One

Grab a joint, or your goods to roll, and a TurboCore

Step Two

Slide or roll the core directly into the center of your joint. Be sure to loosen up the joint significantly prior to insertion.

Step Three

Twist the top, light up, and enjoy the experience.

What is a Cannabis Infused Pre Roll?

Cannabis infused pre rolls are joints that contain cannabis flower infused with additional cannabinoids or concentrates. These pre rolls are typically prepared and rolled by cannabis dispensaries or manufacturers, making them convenient for any customers who want a ready-to-use cannabis product!


The infusion in cannabis-infused pre-rolls can take various forms, such as:


  • Kief-infused: Kief is the trichome crystals that contain concentrated cannabinoids. Pre-rolls can be coated or dusted with kief to enhance potency.
  • Hash-infused: Hash is a concentrated form of cannabis made from compressed resin glands. Adding hash to a pre-roll can increase its potency and alter the flavor profile.
  • Oil-infused: Pre-rolls may be infused with cannabis oil or concentrates, such as shatter, wax, or live resin. This adds a concentrated dose of cannabinoids to the flower.
  • Terpene-infused: Some pre-rolls are infused with cannabis-derived terpenes to enhance the strain’s natural flavors and aromas, providing a more robust sensory experience.
turbo core packaging

Gone are the days of messy, unreliable infusion methods…

With 100mg cannabis extract in each, TurboCore ensures consistent, reliable results every time.

infused cannabis

Turbocore: Cannabis Infused Pre Rolls Features

  • Roll it, stick it, or slide it.
  • Infuse any preroll within 10-20 Seconds
  • Unintimidating & user-friendly
  • Burns evenly and smoothly
  • heat-stable; no hassle & no mess
  • Customize your sesh with strain-specific options
  • Discreetly turn a cigarette into a spliff
  • Choose the strength – break in half, or double up!
  • Comprised of three all-natural, organic ingredients
  • Designed to be paired with flower; not intended for dabbing.
hand infusing cannabis pre roll
kind love benefits

Why settle for ordinary pre-rolls when you can take your game to the next level with TurboCore? Try it today and discover the ultimate in potency, versatility, and convenience – just stick it in & light it up!

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Cannabis Infused Pre Roll

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  • Market proven
  • Exclusive & proprietary
  • High margin
  • Low-capital investment
  • Revolutionary & innovative
  • Multi–product line – same technical
  • Easy to make
  • High production throughout
  • Easy & fast setup and training
  • Only 100 sq ft MIP required
  • Semi-automated production
  • Any cannabinoid/ratios
  • Long shelf life
  • Small footprint for storage
  • Easy for transport
  • Incredible growth potential

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